Apartments for sale Tuusula

Tuusula – the active haven of arts and culture

Tuusula is a one of the framing cities of the capital region, in the North side of Vantaa and in between Kerava ja Nurmijärvi. The verdant sceneries of Tuusula have delighted many people over the years – including famous Finnish artists, such as Jean Sibelius, Eero Järnefelt and Aleksis Kivi. The historical artist society is still honored these days with many protected museum sights.

Even though the Tuusula central area called Hyrylä is now a vibrant and city-like service concentration, the sceneries have maintained their peacuful countryside vibes. The Tuusula Lake and the smaller Rusut Lake offer various outdoor and activity possibilities from hiking to fishing and tour skating. Also in the city’s central area there are many beautiful parks and diverse exercise possibilities.

From Tuusula it’s easy to travel in many directions: there is a direct motorway from Tuusula to Helsinki, where you drive less than 40 minutes and the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport locates at only 20 minutes drive away. Also the Jokela railwaystation is along the main railwayline, so you can easily travel to for example Hämeenlinna or Tampere.

In Tuusula a vibrant, city-like urban area is combined with the best of Finnish nature. Explore our sights in Tuusula and find your own, Lovely home!