Looking to invest in apartments?

Our Lovely Homes are built in growth centers in the Capital and Tampere Regions, ensuring value appreciation as well as prime leasability. These areas also have abundant services and are easily accessible both by car and using public transport, making them suitable for a wide range of people. In addition, there are no upcoming renovations, or costs and empty months that come with renovations, when buying a new apartment.

The rent levels are high in brand-new apartments, especially when the apartments have been designed with practicality and pleasure in mind. T2H Lovely Homes have been built with the intent to add luxury to everyday life – the high ceilings, large windows and apartment-wide balconies are just a few of the things that make Lovely Homes highly enjoyable to live in.

Our apartments are a financially smart choice, because we provide an instalment-free period for the first couple of years. In addition, we record capital charges paid to the housing company as revenue in the articles of association, meaning that you can deduct them from your rental income’s taxation.

”Investing in apartments is a concrete
and often superior form of investment!”

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An exemplar calculation of rental income
The calculation concerns a 21m2 studio apartment, where the transfer tax has been taken into account.

Primary data
Selling price 36 246,00 €
Debt-free selling price 120 828,00 €
Revenue and costs
Rental income 650,00 €
Capital charges -71,00€
Maintenance fees -106,00€
Net rental income 473€
Net rental income in a year 5676€

*Return of equity 14,59 %
*Return on invested capital 5,26 %
(*with transfex tax taken into account)